Cold Snap

This is the third week of what has felt like a gazillion-year-long cold snap. Nothing but gray skies and at-zero and below-zero and, when we're lucky, barely-above-zero temps. With a delightful wind-chill to boot! There's really no riding when it's this cold. You just have to hunker down, watch your horse's water consumption, make sure they have shelter and hay at all times, and wait.

2018-01-01 15.11.39.jpg

But yesterday the thermometer climbed to a whopping ONE degree! And the sun came out! And the sky was blue! So I decided it was warm enough to ride. Well, not RIDE ride. A short lunge-line session just to get the blood flowing to the muscles, and then a bareback walk through the snowy field to shake the cobwebs and ice crystals off the ol' pony-brain. It was peaceful and quiet...Only the squeak of hooves on snow. We watched the sun set on the first day of the new year. Clay seemed to enjoy the outing as much as I did.

My frozen fingers allowed for about a 4-second video clip...

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I was excited to embrace my break from teaching by riding as much as possible and really focusing on prepping for the clinic we're attending in a couple weeks, but Mother Nature had different plans I guess. Oh well...This is the reality of living where we do, I suppose. We don't have to deal with fires and draught like the poor folks in CA. And we don't have poisonous snakes and spiders, hurricanes, or earthquakes. Even tornados are rare. The cold is our blight. Well, the cold, and mosquitos. ;) 

Stay warm out there, friends! And Happy New Year!