Christmas Wish List

Normally I do a few Gift Guides this time of year to help you shop for the horse-lover in your life, but I'm going to mix things up a bit and tell you what's on MY Christmas list. These are the goodies I've been eyeing lately:

1. LeMieux bell boots, in white of course to go with my white LeMieux sport boots, because my cheap plastic bell boots are starting to disintegrate. 


2. A warm, sweat-whicking long-sleeve shirt for winter schooling and clinics. This one would look sharp!


3. Have you heard about these brushes? They apparently get the horse SUPER shiny without the use of any products. I'd love a set!


4. I've heard so many good things about Back on Track products, and these standing wraps would be great for stall-time at horse shows and for trailering.


5. A pair of custom dressage boots (a girl can dream, right?) from Celeris UK. Gahhhh. Everything they make is gorgeous! I'm still riding in a 15-year old pair of field boots, and despite my best efforts to break them they continue to hold up. I have a hard time justifying replacing something I already have, so until they finally die I guess I'll continue to just drool over the photos on Celeris's Instagram account. ;) 


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