Trying to Catch Clay: A Play-by-Play

My pony likes to play this superfun game every time I go to catch him in the pasture. It's my favorite. It goes like this:

  1. Clay sees Tonia coming up to the gate. He immediately notices that she is holding a halter and lead rope, and no treat. 

2. Tonia realizes her mistake, and knows she's not going to get anywhere without a treat. Goes back home and raids the refrigerator for old carrots, apples, etc. Goes back to the barn with the goods.

3. Clay sees Tonia coming up to the gate with a halter and lead rope, and a big bucket of treats.

4. Clay runs around for 20 mins, pretending he doesn't want the treats. Then he gives in and lets Tonia get close enough to give him a treat. And another one...and another one...we're on the last one now and Tonia is slowly reaching out with the lead rope to try and get it around Clay's neck...

5. Clay runs away. Tonia says a bad word.