Transformation Tuesday: Westor Kalaloch (Clay)

I thought I'd post a little Before and After of Clay, to show what a little time, dressage, and TLC will do for a guy! It's hard to believe this is the same horse...

Cobs are known to be slow-growing, sometimes taking 6-8 years to finish filling out. This was certainly true in Clay's case. Just look at that pointy little egg-butt! I believe he was 5 in this photo (a few years before I purchased him) and newly under-saddle. Even as a total greenie, slightly underweight and with very little muscle, he has that unmistakable Clay expression...trying so hard to be a good boy.


And now here he is last fall (I don't have any recent photos, but he looks even better and BEEFIER now!) looking like a completely different horse. There are about four years between these photos, and many hours of dressage. 

Love that golden nugget, and so proud of him. We'll continue to grow together for many years to come!