2016 Gift Guide: Your Horse-Lady Friend/Wife/Sister Who Kind of Already Has Everything

She's been riding her whole life, and over the years has stacked up a small mountain of tack and gear. It's actually kind of a problem...like, border-line hoarder-status. What to get for the horse-lady who has it all?

1. A custom browband or stock pin in her horse's colors (or her birthstone colors).

2. A gorgeous leather belt to make her feel extra fancy at shows and clinics.

3. A custom stall-guard with her barn logo on it.

4. A saddle mattress, to protect her saddle.

5. Organic shine spray for her horse (it smells SO good!)

6. A batch of homemade horse treats for her to spoil her baby with.

Screenshot 2016-11-23 19.43.19.png

7. A fun shirt for her to immediately get dirty at the barn. ;) This one is great too.

8. A custom ornament for her tree with a photo of her horse on it.