2016 Gift Guide: Your Horse-Crazy Daughter Who Has Read ALL the Horse Books, Seen ALL the Horse Movies, and Wears Matching Purple Helmet and Breeches to her Riding Lessons

You might think to yourself, "Maybe she wants some new clothes this year for Christmas?" Or "Maybe she would like that new computer game all the kids are playing," or "Is there ANYTHING I could get her that she would like more than horse stuff?" But the answer to all of those questions is no. 

  1. Hand-dyed lead rope. Purple of course. 

2. A sparkly crop for "getting after" her pony, or her brother.

3. Horse paint and stencils, to delight her and humiliate her pony (payback for that time he bucked her off).

4. A custom ribbon browband for her pony's bridle, in her favorite colors.

5. A matching saddle pad and polo set in, you guessed it, purple.

6. Cozy fleece boot liners to keep her feet warm and dry during barn chores.

8. A sparkly gold unicorn horn, for wearing during lessons to make her trainer smile.