Can't Live Without: OxiClean

How do I get my show clothes de-stained and looking new, and my white saddle pads and leg wraps perfectly white before a show? Not bleach (most clothing explicitly say NO CHLORINE BLEACH on the tag). Instead, OxiClean! It works, it's cheap, they carry it at the local IGA, and it works. ;)

This kind works for colors and whites:

This kind works for whites with old or stubborn stains:

This post was not sponsored by OxiClean. I would love for them to sponsor me, or any company to sponsor me for that matter. If you're a CEO of a company and you're sitting there reading this thinking to yourself, "You know what would not be a total f---ing waste of money? Sponsoring a Training/First level dressage rider. I should totes do that," well then you are in luck, my wealthy friend! I will literally put your logo on every saddle pad I own and body-clip it onto my horse's butt and tattoo it on my face (that last one would require a substantial donation on your part, but we can work out the details later). Sponsoring me would get your company tons of exposure because there are always at least around 50-100 people at the shows I go to, so really it's a mutually beneficial arrangement. Awesome, so I'm going to go ahead and order that $400 show coat then.