Product Review: Kensingtion Protective Sheet

After this sheet rubbed Clay's mane down to the skin last summer, I knew I needed to shop for a different fly sheet. This time, I looked for one that is cut/contoured around the tail and shoulders so that his tail and mane won't be affected. I also looked for a sheet made with a tough denier weave, because it will last longer and have better air-flow than the silky fly sheets.

Enter, Kensington Protective Sheet:

I love how sturdy this sheet is, and how easy it is to clean. Clay was napping in the mud yesterday and the whole right side of the sheet was caked with it (he was clean underneath though–yay!) when I brought him in to ride him. I simply rolled out the hose and sprayed the sheet off in the grass, and it was good-as-new in a few minutes.

I also love the color choices- the black plaid looks great on him.

There are just a couple odd things to mention- first, this sheet runs small. I sized up one size (he measures a 69" and fits most 69" blankets perfectly, but I ordered a 70" in this sheet) and it's still just a tad on the small side for him, length-wise! It stops about two inches shorter on his hindquarter than is ideal, but then it is a little roomy in the shoulder/chest (even though Clay has large shoulders). It works, though, so I'm keeping it. He won't be as meticulously covered as he was in the Mio Flysheet, but at least his mane and tail will be intact!

The other odd thing is that it comes with only one surcingle strap under the belly. Most other sheets come with two, so that you can cris-cross them. It does have the two back straps that go between the back legs, though, and so far the sheet has stayed in place even though Clay is pretty active in turnout. Hasn't rubbed his shoulders at all yet, either.

So far so good with the Kensington Protective Sheet!

Four stars.

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