Ummmm My Breeches are See-Through! HALP!

Two summers ago was my first time competing Dressage (I grew up riding and showing Hunter/Jumper). A couple weeks before my first show I excitedly ordered a pair of white breeches (the dressage show dress code is white breeches and a dark-colored show jacket) and less-excitedly ordered my first stock-tie (another attire requirement for dressage, which I personally think is uuuuugly).

When the breeches came in the mail, I immediately tried them on and they were fabulous: fitted, elegant, flattering and bright-white. I instantly felt more like a legit dressage rider...until I checked myself out in the mirror. UMMMMM! HELLO! THEY'RE SEE-THROUGH!


I frantically turned to Facebook and posted a cry-for help: "So.....What do you do about see-through white breeches?" In about five minutes I had a dozen comments from my dressage-riding friends, all of which were different forms of "LOL, get yourself a pair of huge granny-panty-horse-show undies, girl!" Which I did, worked!

Phew! Crisis averted. Ribbons achieved. Smiles abound. Treats for da horsey.

I've come to really appreciate the merits of good undergarments when it comes to riding and showing. First of all, good bra-support is important because nothing is more uncomfortable (or distracting to the judge) than bounce-age, if you know what I mean...

And, more often then not at horse shows you find yourself changing into your show clothes in the back of your trailer, watching strangers through the slats in the door as they unwittingly walk five inches away from you and then notice your eyes through the slat and you make eye-contact with each-other for a second and you wonder if they can see more than just your eyes and then, yep, they definitely can because they are blushing and walking faster now.... :|

Sooooo, this year I'll be sporting this modest and supportive bra and this pair of underwear so that I feel supported, can change with peace of mind and also know that my gazizzy is covered under my see-through breeches:

1. The Posture-Elite Sports Bra

Now get out there in your whitest breeches and kick some booty!