Clinic with Gina Maki Hensel

We love Gina, our visiting trainer. Her monthly clinics are encouraging, motivating and always full-to-the-brim with learning and progress for everyone.

Gina teaches all levels and disciplines, specializing in Dressage and hunter/jumper. You'll come away from your lesson with a deeper understanding of the goals and mechanics of good riding and heightened effectiveness and confidence. She helps you bring out the best in your horse.

When you lesson with Gina it gives me a chance to sit back and watch my students, which helps me stay on track with progressing you all past any plateaus we may have hit together.

Here is a video from the April clinic. Notice how relaxed and happy to move forward Ozzy is! Great riding, Nancy! You and Ozzy are gaining a wonderful harmony together.

Contact me to save a spot in the next clinic with Gina, coming up in June (just before the first horse show).