Pretty Things

I have been wearing the same brown Ariat paddock boots and brown half-chaps since I was 15 (that's 15 years. I know, you're shocked that I'm 30 because I look really young and like a model who you assume is Photoshopped all the time but then you see a candid photo of her like walking around and sipping Starbucks or something and you're like OMG she's really that pretty all the time arrrrgghhhhh!–but it's true, I'm getting up there in years), and just recently the zippers stopped working on both boots, and the sole is starting to separate from the upper on the left one. Think maybe it's the universe's way of telling me I'm allowed to finally retire that lucky old pair? Needless to say I got my money's worth out of them (especially considering that my parents probably bought them for me, on sale.)

The practical thing to do would be to buy the exact same pair again, since I know they'll last for years, but my inner fashionista really wants to match my boots to my horse's saddle pad and won't shut up about buying something "fabulous".

I spotted these custom half-chaps on Pinterest (I really need to unfollow all the über-chic European pony riders. Their constant pinning of color-coordinated schooling "outfits" for their ponies and themselves makes me want to open a couple Dover Saddlery credit cards and immediately max them out, and then probably move to Belize for a while. Just until the authorities stop looking for me.) Had to wipe the drool off my chin a few times as I clicked through the photo album on their website.

GORGEOUS, right? Wouldn't you feel so fancy schooling in a pair of those? They don't list prices on their website (that's never a good sign...) but I'm going to just go ahead and assume I'll never own a pair of these. They're fun to look at though. And I doubt he reads this blog, but if BestHusbandEver needs a Birthday/Christmas idea, look no further (if we can't afford them, it's OK, Dover offers credit cards...). ;)