2015 Gift Guide: Your Horse-Crazed Kiddo Who Puts Polo Wraps on the Dog and Makes Lists of Horse Names

Most of my young students fall into this category. They don't have their own pony (yet) but they now exactly what they're going to name them someday (show name and barn name), and in the meantime they routinely practice their lunging skills on your Golden Retriever. Here are some ideas for outfitting them for lessons so they can be safe and comfortable doing what they love most!

1.  A good pair of schooling breeches, so they don't get saddle sores (or ruin their good pants). Here's a winter version, too.

2.  A helmet of their own, so they can stop borrowing the musty ones from the barn tack-room (be sure to pick one that is ASTM-SEI certified, and in the color black if your child plans to attend competitions.)

3. A pair of leather paddock boots (and maybe some leather soap and conditioner so they can take care of them.)

4.  A pair of gloves, to keep their little fingers warm, to help them grip the reins, and to protect against rope-burn when they lunge their horse (or their dog...)

5. A protective vest, so you can breathe easy when they start jumping (and falling off).

6.  Every horse's favorite treats, so they can butter up their trusty lesson pony. (Or try the homemade version!)

7. A Breyer Horse they can paint to look like Rusty, or Goose, or Buddy...


8.  A horsey book for them to curl up with in-between lessons.

9.  Lessons! Gift-certificates for lessons are available through me–call or email for details.

10.  A PONY! Just kidding. Pony nail polish! Because Rusty would look so cute with sparkles on his feet.

The next gift-guide is coming tomorrow, so stay tuned!...