Chiro Day at Sioux River

This week we had a visit from Dr. Claudia of Animal Kingdom Chiropractic. She adjusted all the horses on the farm who are being worked regularly, and every single one of them showed improved relaxation and more fluid movement after their sessions.

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 11.19.17 AM.png

Just like human athletes, horses benefit greatly from chiro work, acupuncture and massage. We ask a lot of their bodies, and these are some great ways to give back to them that help ensure they can work comfortably and pain-free.

While the more sensitive horses might be nervous at first, most usually figure out pretty quickly that whatever that stranger is doing to them is making them feel gooood. Even fidgety Clay and hot-to-trot Piper stood (mostly) still for their adjustment sessions and looked sleepy-eyed by the end! Thank you for making our horses feel good, Dr. Claudia! We all appreciate it!